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Leadership Series

Is your organization ready, willing, and able to leverage blended learning to advance six sigma? Review this quick readiness checklist to see if you are on the path to blended learning success.
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Lean6sigma is a proven business process that prepares leaders to accelerate performance and achieve results. A blend of two methods, Lean and Six Sigma, lean6sigma provides an implementation framework that ensures quality results and quick pay back. Discussing how to strategically deploy lean6sigma in your company, the series teaches you a proven, powerful management system that focuses on your customers, improves enterprise performance, and dramatically enhances financial results.
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Focus on the Customer

Create a relentless pursuit for perfection! The first of a series of lean6sigma Leadership eLearning seminars, Customer Value provides strategies to align your organization's value stream with customer needs and desires.
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Creating a Lean Enterprise

The second of a series of lean6sigma Leadership eLearning seminars, Lean Thinking provides the framework to determine who really sustains your organization and the tools to build an organization that creates value for your customers.
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Implementing Six Sigma

The third of a series of lean6sigma Leadership eLearning seminars, Six Sigma Concepts broadens the framework of Six Sigma beyond typical mathematical and statistical methods and focuses on breakthrough improvement to beat the competition.
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Out Of The Box Thinking

The fourth in the series of leadership eLearning seminars, Out of the Box Thinking prepares your organization for change to ensure a successful lean6sigma implementation.
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eLearning Leadership Series: Compelling Strategic Change

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