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Understand how today's customers think and design the necessary steps to ensure that your organization is building a lock on customer loyalty.

Customer Value: Focus on the Customer
Dr. Thomas K. Connellan

This module is delivered by Dr. Thomas K. Connellan, best-selling author of books and articles focused on customer value. When companies like Marriott, Dell, and GE want to take their performance to another level, they all turn to one man.Tom Connellan. And with good reason. He's solid.

A former faculty member at the Michigan Business School and a Guest Lecturer at the Air Force Academy, Tom brings depth and breadth to his work. As a company founder and former CEO, he knows first-hand the importance of what it takes to grow a business. Tom started a service company in the health care field and built it into a network of 1200 instructors serving 300 hospitals and most of the Fortune 500 firms. He's worked in manufacturing and sales. Tom knows what it's like to be on the firing line of business because he's been there.

A best-selling author, Tom has seven books and numerous articles to his credit. He's been the Editorial Director of four management and personnel magazines, a first level supervisor, and a company president.

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